Friday, March 19, 2010

Fess Parker, R.I.P.

Fess Parker died on Thursday. His identity is likely different based on your age and wine drinking habits. I saw him on television (repeats, I think) and stayed in the Fess Parker Inn for a week in 1992 while in Santa Barbara for week long conference. Steve came up from Long Beach for a few days that week, and we got to hang out a bit. That week, Keith and I explored the small club scene in Santa Barbara as the conference was of little value to our work. I was back there for a day this past November for my memorial tattoo for Steve. (Pat Fish's work brought me to her studio. It WAS great that she was only a few hours from Long Beach, so Judy, Lisa and Brian could see this tattoo the next day.)

Back to Fess Parker. He embodied that strong, silent type iconic presence that is still brought to the silver screen (large and small.) One difference is that Fess lived it off screen, too.



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