Sunday, March 14, 2010

Christian Hosoi

I just finished watching Rising Son: The Legend of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi. I wasn't familiar with Christian Hosoi's story. This is a great story filled with some epic skateboard moves and a true to life story of the twists and turns life can toss at someone at the top of their game. Christian's turnaround in life is as inspiring as his moves on a skateboard.

I've watched Dogtown and Z-Boys a few times, but Christian's story as told here is more personal and a little more accessible, too. Christian's skateboard moves are also more dramatic than anything I remember on the Dogtown DVD. He grabs much more air than anyone on the Dogtown DVD.

Thanks to Al for pointing me to this DVD. Highly recommended. Don't try those moves in your living room (or anywhere else!)



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