Saturday, January 2, 2010


Now that we're into 2010, I can list some of the events 2009 that left their mark.

December: Meat Don't Fail Me Now

I started eating red meat for the first time since Sophomore year in college. I'd been talking about it all year, but when I was sick twice in a month (and so sick I stayed in bed for 2 days each time) I knew I had to make some changes. I connected with a metabolic typing professional (Aubrey Thompson), and this has already proven to be a great change in my life.

October: West Coast Trip
- Pat Fish and her apprentice Colin in Santa Barbara designed a great memorial tattoo for me. I'm stunned every time I look at it. I was able to show this to Judy, Brian and Lisa the next day in Long Beach.
- Stone Brewing Company in San Diego reminded me of what it's like to be in a company that everyone seems to be happy to be a part of.
- Laguna Beach reminded me of how much I enjoy the California coast. I remember the first time I got my feet in it (1978, San Francisco) and it never ceases to thrill me.
- My Garmin Nuvi got me around (and in some cases, around and around) like I was a local. I programmed it with a British lexicon, so it's entertaining, too!
- I got to hang out with Jim Marsden, his wife Nancy and their super cool son Alex in Manhattan Beach.

August: Cahoon Hollow Beach Day
Some of the ski gang were able to get together for a day on my favorite beach. Steve introduced me to this beach after Freshman year (and what parties we had.) I continue to go back whenever I can. I have a small container of Cahoon Hollow Beach Sand here on my desk. I try to get there at least once a summer. This year, I need to get to at least one show at The Beachcomber, too! I just ordered my 2010 pass.

July: Rock of Ages
This was a special day. Rock of Ages killed me with singing, dancing and story telling. It was the music highlight of the year for me. I plan to see it again in NYC sometime in the next 3 months.

June: Natalie Polaski's Death
Elaine's mother Natalie passed away suddenly in June. Tragic isn't close. Natalie was what Jerry Lee Lewis was singing about when he got to "... great balls of fire!" Elaine and her mother were very close, and Natalie always had a good word for Elaine's friends. We all miss her.

February: Body Body
In addition to being the name of a great men's clothing store in Provincetown, I started working with Ruth Soper on Structural Energetic Therapy and deep tissue massage. Ruth's work made a major difference in my training this past year and in every day life, too.



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