Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Won't Get Fooled Again

I cleaned and lubed my bike this morning. I also checked out the tires for wear and cuts. My rear tire needs to be replaced. It's too smooth to risk for a long ride (where I'm not close to home.) I'll make it a spare and do that maintenance later tonight. I rode for 30 minutes just to see how I felt. That went well, even in the rain. I'm continuing to remember (what I used to know) how effective it is to warm up before riding a little harder.

When I do that tire replacement, I'll clean and lubricate again. I didn't do the type of detail cleaning my bike needs after riding through the pollen last weekend. I'm also having some issues with my tire values AND my floor pump. I will try inflating other tires to see if it's my pump or the valve extenders I'm using (and how I'm using them.) I have a

Are you following the Giro, too!? You can follow professional cycling at Cyclingnews There's a section for the Giro and other major races, too. I also need to replace my seat bag with this Moots Bag I'm a little slow making that swap. I need to do it for this weekend's ride so I can carry two spare tires and cash more easily.



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