Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tangled Up In Blue

This morning it was 43F when I went out for an easy 15-mile ride. I'm riding at dawn right now. No need for lights. If/when I increase the length of morning rides later in the summer and fall, I will need lights.

I remembered to warm up this morning, too. I've got some printed reminders I leave with my cycling shoes. I also stretched before and after (yes, more printed reminders including lists of the stretches.)

It helps that WHRB is in the midst of their Dylan Orgy. They're planing everything Bob Dylan recorded (and recorded ...) and it's amazing to hear. 24x7, all Bob, all the time. (The next orgy is focused on The Grateful Dead.) I had forgotten how inspiring Bob Dylan's music could be (especially when you can make out what he's saying.) The instrumentation on these recordings is amazing, too.

Red Sox game tonight, so it will be a late night. We're sitting in the family section which means, no beer, no cussin' and who knows what (not) else. The beer available at Fenway in the general admission sections of the park is terrible. It should not be called beer. There's a word for it, but I don't want to use it in case it come out of my mouth later tonight in the family section. There IS good beer at Fenway, but it's in the pricier sections, and I can do without it anyway. I might have to buy some peanuts before the game for snacking purposes.

I saw many people out walking this morning. That was very inspiring. America knows it has a fitness problem (at least some of its citizens do) and they're trying to get fitter. Get fitter, live longer, watch more TV, drink more beer, ride more miles, listen to more music, eat your favorite foods, and listen to early Bob (early and often.)



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