Thursday, May 21, 2009

Many Rivers To Cross

Another good ride this morning. I went out "on time" (which is 5am right now) which helped. The sun was a little lower, so I got to see and hear more of the effects of sunrise. I rode some of The Charles River Bike Path again today - mostly flat miles for the ride, and these are all flat. I omitted one of my favorite stretches to save time. I hop onto Memorial Drive just before Mass. Ave. (headed East) and crossing Mass. Ave. I push it from the Mass. Ave. Bridge up to the underpass. It's a great stretch of road, infrequently traveled early in the mornings, and you can do interval training on that road. (Not much of that so far this year. I need to put more miles in the legs and take more weight off the body.)

I've been consciously stretching more now, both before and after the rides. That's been a big help. I can already see and feel the positive changes. The things one forgets...

I'm planning my long ride for Saturday on The Cape. It will be a combination of the Cape Cod Rail Trail and Route 6. The weather forecast has improved (from rain to cloudy) so that's a plus. I plan to spend at least 5 hours "on" the bike, maybe more. I also plan to eat more while out riding, too. I think that was a problem last week.

Last week my ancient Oakley frames expired. I've had them for a long time, so no complaints. Just the opposite - simple plastic material combined with superb design led to lots of use. I have a second frame with a clear lense I use for night riding. I replaced the daytime setup with Tifosi's Pave model. These are great! They brighten daytime colors and allow me to see road surfaces (and debris) much better than my tinted Oakley lenses did.



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