Monday, May 25, 2009

Feet Don't Fail Me Now

My latest addition to my gear bag is a pair of Orange Flip Flops. They're almost identical to these Ralph Lauren's but with a sturdier sole. I got them for $3.95 at Ocean State Job Lot in Dennis. I plan to use these when walking over the Sagamore Bridge. I'll have them secured under the elastic cord on the back of my CamelPak. I didn't want to spend a lot for these shoes (and I succeeded) as I have a great pair of water shoes and 2 pairs of sandals. I don't wear flip flops normally as I need to wear shoes and/or orthotics that correct for a couple of alignment issues. Fortunately, all that works.

Memorial Day Weekend is certainly a time to remember deceased and living veterans as well as active duty personnel whether they were or are engaged in combat. There are as many or more civilian contractors supporting the deployed military forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, too. Add those numbers together and it's a lot of people who weren't at the beach or training for a 100-mile bike ride this weekend. Many of them chose the position they're in, directly or indirectly, so you could say they're where they wanted to be this weekend. Somehow, I don't think that's precisely true for most of them. Buddy Poppys were on sale recently outside the supermarket where I shop. I always add one to my rear view mirror. I like where the money goes, and it's one of a few visual reminders I have to tell me how fortunate I've been.

Memorial Day also means that The Beachcomber is open for its Memorial Day to Labor Day Season. Enjoy a view of the Atlantic from the webcam on top of the 'Comber. I've enjoyed that view more than once going back to when this location held only a lifeguard shack. If you like good sized waves and cold water, this is the beach for you. The 'Comber books some great bands. You can eat, drink and/or dance inside and come outside under the stars to cool off (and experience the outdoor bar.) The road in and out (Cahool Hollow Road) is dark, narrow and windy, so take it easy behind the wheel. If you decide to go to the beach, weekends arrive early to get a parking space. You can use your receipt for parking for an equal value purchase at The 'Comber.

I have a few short rides planned for this week and some bike maintenance, too. Ride details and photos to follow shortly after next weekend!



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