Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2009 Best Buddies 100-Mile Bike Route

This might sound and/or longer and tougher than it will turn out to be. I've ridden 100-miles before, just (a) not this year, and (b) not in the past 6-months. I rode 50-miles at too quick a pace a few weeks ago. The warm weather was too much of an inducement, and I sort of pushed my knees into the "cut it out" zone with too much out of the saddle BS. I plan to ride this as 5, 20-mile legs. The water stops at 20-miles will help. We start slowly anyway (a rolling enclosure, like a pro race, except that my body fat is 3-4 times a pro's body fat.) I plan to save something for the end so I can enjoy the view from the Sagamore Bridge as we walk over it.

If you're out and about in the vicinity of the route on May 30th, (a) sorry for the traffic issues, and (b) shout some words of encouragement to the riders (in addition to the words I usually hear from passing motorists, which I cannot post on a public blog. Let's just say it's not "Have a nice day,")

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