Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2009 Audi Best Buddies Challenge Hyannisport

Photos © Dermot Conlan

This is me riding out on Race Point in 2008 while Dermot snaps photos for his use. I got to accelerate (to the extent that I CAN accelerate) and ride up on him as closely as he requested. Back and forth. Back and forth. Not exactly training for the Best Buddies ride, but it was fun, gave Dermot some photos he needed, and I learned something about "the light" in the changing conditions we experienced out there.

This is the bike I'm riding in the Best Buddies ride, and I think each rider is wearing an official Best Buddies jersey. (I should receive this shortly.) I'll continue to post more out here for your edification.

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  1. 100 miles in a day? Wow, that's out my league. I'm more of a sniff-the-flowers kind of biker. But congratulations.