Monday, July 4, 2011

Kip Tiernan, R.I.P.

Kip Tiernan, Rosie's Place founder, passed away from cancer on Saturday. Rosie's Place was the first place Boston women could spend nights off the street and be safe from physical violence.  (The Pine Street Inn only accommodated men at the time.)  If you read anything in Kip's obituary, go to the end and read her life story.

Rosie's Place sprung up in what most people still think of as a "bad part of town."  Kip found space where she could find it and turned it into an oasis for women who truly had nothing but the clothes on the backs.  The Elizabeth Stone House is another small institution making a difference in women's lives, too. 

Today's ride, on Independence Day, will be with these women in mind.



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