Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Fitness Goals

2011 Goals Include:

Body Weight (uninterrupted)

- Double Unders: 21

- Pullups: 15 kipping; 9 strict (forward grip & back)

- Hand Stand Push Up: 1

- Hand Stand Walking: 5 steps

- Rope Climbing: 1 trip no legs

- Knees to Elbows: 9

- Muscle Ups: 1

- Pistols: 5/leg


- Goals: Post/Measure Monthly

- Goats: Plan/Work 2 Weekly

- Rx: 15%



- Add Power and HR Monitors

- Charlie Baker Time Trial Series: 10 times; 23.5mph at end of season

- Maine Time Trial Series: 3 races

- George Street Bike Challenge: 32:55



- Mile: 7:52

- 800M: 3:34

- 400M: 1:34


- 2000M: 7:35

- 500M: 1:40

Lifting (1-rep max)

- Back Squat: 185lb

- Bench Press: 165lb

- Deadlift: 305lb

- Front Squat: 155lb

- Clean and Jerk: 135lb

- Over Head Squat: 155lb

- Power Clean: 145lb

- Snatch: 135lb


- Annual New Sport: Board Surfing

- Body Fat: 15%

- Journal: Daily

- Meals: 5 Daily, Small and Self-Prepared (90%)

- Mobility: Daily (work or home; varied)

- Nutrition: Paleo 85%

- Self-massage Legs: Nightly

- Sleep: 8 hours/day

- Yoga: 1/week

Goal setting is a major aspect of CrossFit.  CrossFit for each of us is supposed to be measurable, so if you can't quantify your goals in advance and then track them, you're not getting enough from your workouts. 
We have a monthly goal white board at CrossFit New England, in addition to the daily WOD boards and boards with the top performers in the many WODs, lifts and movements.  I haven't been as quantitative as I could be, and after taking an extended break and coming back at a lesser fitness level, I really need much smarter about my training.
These are challenging goals (including Sleep), and I spent a total of 4+ hours working on these over the past week.  I'm going after them, too.


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