Saturday, April 10, 2010

Don't Walk On By

My good friend Lynette is participating in this year's National MS Walk on behalf of her sister, Pat.  Lynette is looking for sponsors, so if you haven't supported someone trying to make a difference lately, here's a great opportunity.  You can support Lynette's mission here.

Lynette was the finance engine supporting some of the program management work I did at Verizon a few years ago.    We've since knocked around NYC and Northern NJ more than a few times.  (Lynette can see Bruce Springsteen's and Bon Jovi's homes from her kitchen window. Well, sort of.)  

Multiple Sclerosis is a deceiving disabling disease. Support Lynette in anyway you can, and maybe like other national celebrities, you'll be able to see strategic locations from your kitchen window someday, too!



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