Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Music and Carrie Newcomer at Passim in Cambridge

I finally got to see Carrie Newcomer perform Saturday night.  She performed at an early show at Passim in Cambridge.  She didn't disappoint: She played for almost 2 hours and told many of the stories that led to her writing the songs she then performed.  She performed several songs off her new CD, Before & After, and she played hits and favorites from her previously released CDs, too.  Carrie is a Quaker, and she told a few Quaker jokes.  (Lots of groans from the audience who all seemed to know her personally.)  I'm listening to Before & After this week: Mary Chapin Carpenter performs with Carrie on the title track.   The entire CD is great listening.  I'll be listening to this for a while...I have Carrie's earlier releases, and they're solid, too.  Carrie is performing throughout the U.S. right now.  Try to see her.  You won't be disappointed.

I'm also listening to She & Him Volume Two this week.  M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel together in music, again.  Volume One was a pretty big hit (and good listening), and Volume Two is even more engaging. This release could have been made in the 1960's when upbeat, intelligent pop music was used in movies and serial television programs to support or amplify the story (as opposed to sell soundtrack CDs which is often the case, today.)  Zooey's voice is a joy to hear as she performs in front of Matt Ward's arrangements and playing.  Matt sings here, too.  Zooey wrote the lyrics for all but 2 of these songs.  (The other 2 songs are covers.)  This is music you will like, and it will make you feel good!



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