Friday, December 18, 2009

Majjor Taylor Hill Climb, Redux

Bob Sullivan reminded me of this event yesterday. THEN I remembered that I purchased 2 photos recently. Here's a look at me climbing George Street:

I looked down a lot in the beginning. I slipped a gear once, and I think this is when it happened. It was a hot day (jersey open...) and even though it's a narrow street, the sun was hitting us, too.

Yes, I wear that rear view mirror on my cycling glasses every where I ride. When you get to the top of the street, you need to ride with traffic back to the start. No, wait. I first hung over my handlebars for ... not sure how long, and THEN I rode/coasted/drafted a few cars back to the start.

Next year:
1. I won't carry anything extra (seat bag, water bottle, etc.)
2. I will have practiced climbing steep hills much more often. Really, it's more fun than it looks. You get tp freewheel down some pretty steep descents to cool off!
3. I will also sit down before the race. I got there 2 hours beforehand and rode for an hour to warm up. I'll be a little smarter about it in 2010. If that's possible.

The Seven Hills Wheelmen sponsor this event. They're a fun bunch. Look at what they do on a Sunday morning!



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