Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ring My Kettlebell!

A little before 9AM today, I was at Dan Crawley's Alpha Fitness where I participated in this morning's kettlebell class led by Missy. Missy led a class of two (good weather kept numbers low today) through a great workout. We worked all parts of our bodies, standing, seated and prone, using kettlebells to focus our effort and the impact on our bodies. If you're in Rhode Island or planning to visit sometime soon, do yourself a favor and call ahead to confirm a class and Get Alpha Fit! Plan to get hot and sweaty (yes, DURING class) and to have a great time, too!

In addition to kettlebells, Dan is leading CrossFit Rhody at the same location in East Greenwich. If you're new to CrossFit, you'd be well advised to join Dan at this CrossFit affiliate to get off to the right start.

We're planning to put up a CrossFit Box at Forever Fit in Watertown, Mass., too. Bri will lead that program. Bri was at alpha Fitness this morning for a CrossFit instructor class. She makes it all look effortless.



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